Oksil Dangyuja tea
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 Oksil Dangyuja tea
Oksil Dangyuja tea
Product Image
Spec and Weight Spec and Weight  1kg/520g
Spec and Weight Food Type  Liquid Fruit Tea
Spec and Weight Origin  Korea Product
Spec and Weight Shelf Life  1 year from the date of manufacture
Brand Name Brand Name  Oksil Dangyuja tea
 Ingredients & Content
Dangyuja (Citrus tenuissima Tanaka) juice 35%, Dangyuja fruit flesh 20%, Dangyuja fruit skin 8%, Honey 32%, Liquid Fructose 5%
 Product Feature

* The genuine taste of Dangyuja (Citrus tenuissima Tanaka) fruit can be tasted in this product.
 * The Jeongwoo Foods' Dangyuja tea is brewed using the traditional folk remedy that extracts a highly concentrated undiluted solution through fermenting the mix of fresh fruits with good quality honey for a long time. It is a natural product that preserves the ingredients and the unique taste in their originality as it is made through a hygienic food treatment process. The product offers a differentiated and exclusive dark color, deep taste and aroma through Jeongwoo Foods' exclusive traditional method and high technology power to make fermented teas.
* Dangyuja (Citrus tenuissima Tanaka) fruits are one of Jeju's indigenous citrus types and can be found only in Jeju. The fruit has mainly been used as a herbal medicine ingredient for a long time. The fruit contains three times more Vitamin C than in tangerine of lemon, along with a large amount of Naringin, Hesperidin, and Citric Acid.

 How to enjoy the tea

Put 2 to 3 spoonfuls of the undiluted solution into a tea cup and pour boiling hot water.
You will be able to savor the unique aroma of Omija tea. The tea may also be served iced.