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Since its foundation in 1992, under the philosophy of "Let's plant a spirit in the quality", Jeongwoo Foods Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to making the best quality products. Based on handed down folk remedies, Jeongwoo Foods uses the exclusive traditional maturing method to manufacture Omija (Schizandra chinensis) tea, Dangyuja (Citrus tenuissima Tanaka) tea, and other vinegar drinks. In 1995, Jeongwoo Foods received the Good Design Mark and Korea's Traditional Pottery Award with the Imperial House Series of Halla Premium Tea, for the first time as a food company. Such accomplishments paved the way to position its products as a Jeju Specialty by upgrading them to premium quality products. Consequently, Jeongwoo Foods has been recognized as the leading manufacturer of Jeju Specialty products. Jeongwoo Foods distributes its products only to the customers who are recognized for the best business practices such as, public institutions, state owned corporations, department stores, tourist hotels, resorts, golf clubs, and airport stores. The company also actively participates in food exhibitions, which raises the image of Jeju Traditional Tea. Jeongwoo Foods endlessly strives for product standardization and research and development. The company's efforts were awarded through recognitions and certifications. In 2004, the company was selected for the Regional Industry Technology Development Project sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Resources, followed by the Venture Company Recognition & Small & Medium Company for Technology Innovation Recognition in 2005, and the 2006 Prospective Small & Medium Company Certification by Jeju Special Self-Governing Province. Th headquarters of Jeongwoo Foods focuses on developing products, using Jeju's indigenous plants through quality enhancement, product differentiation, and continuing research and development. Jeongwoo Foods promises consumers that the company will not spare any effort on the development of Jeju 's specialty products. Once again, Jeongwoo Foods, thanks all consumers for visiting our web site.

Representative Choi, Young-Beom